Guild Services

Power can offer the following services to non-members:

Level 100 Professions

We have level 100 professionals in the following professions. Members at level 100 are listed on each line, but you can always ask any guild member to check on the guild channel if there is an online professional who can help you.

Names are listed by main character, but profession may be on an alt

  • Alchemist (Spryte, Kieve, Aliania, LaVie)
  • Farmer (Kinetic, Aliania, Zarina, Krizlar, LaVie, Swoon, SauvageTirer?, Plikt)
  • Lumberjack (Xwanos)
  • Miner (Aliania, LaVie, Plikt)
  • Baker (Kinetic, Aliania, Zarina, Krizlar, Swoon, SauvageTirer?, Plikt)
  • Jeweller (Tasuja , Zarina, SauvageTirer?, Plikt)
  • Tailor (--banipoalbe--)

Other professions

We also have most other professions represented at lower levels. Ask one of our guild members if you think we can help.

Insert list of services offered to non-members here

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