In the early days of Dofus, Tasuja was a member of Misfits along with -Amour and the then leader of Misfits, Herbagato-X. It was a fun guild, with most players free-to-play initially. As time passed, more players became members, Tasuja became an officer in Misfits, and the guild grew quickly. Herbagato-X decided to leave Misfits to join another guild and to sell the guild. At that time - Tasuja decided to start another guild.

Xyron and Kureonu helped Tasuja find a guildalogem, and he created the guild Power in December 2005. He spent some time looking at existing guilds names and symbols before choosing those we have today. When the guild was formed, Tasuja invited members of Misfits to join.

The first members of Power were Kureonu, Magiaator, ThickusDickus, Estero, Ithaka, -Amour, Kieve, FireDoom, and Xyron.

Historically, Power was a neutral-aligned guild - our leader, and many members chose not to align. However, the introduction of so much equipment requiring alignment changed that, and most of our members became Brakmarian. Our neutral philosophy remains, however, we do not seek conflict with other guilds.

Membership of Power

Power's main objective is to have fun. We're friendly, chatty people who enjoy having a laugh, and doing things together. Members tend to assist each other with hunts, quests, dungeon runs, professions, and levelling. The guild channel is usually friendly and chatty. Most members of the guild are Brakmarian, but Bontarians and neutrals are also welcome.

We have members from all across Europe - from Estonia to Scotland, and some in North America and elsewhere. We're quite diverse people, with (we think) a wide mix of different ages in the guild. Our guild leader is over level 100, and most members are over level 40. Many people in the guild also have high levelled professions, there is usually someone in the guild who can help you if you need something made.

There's no XP requirement - we're more keen on having high-levelled members, than a high-levelled guild - but many members donate 5% or 10% most of the time.

This website lets guild members let each other know what they can do, how they can help each other, and what they need.

Joining Power

If you think Power is the right guild for you - you can find out how to join on the JoiningPower page.

Interactions with other Guilds

Power is officially a neutral guild. This doesn't mean that all members of the guild are neutral (indeed most aren't), but that the guild itself takes a neutral stance, and as a guild does not involve itself in conflict with other guilds.

Many of our members are aligned and do engage in player vs player combat, but it's something they do as individuals, not as a guild activity, and as such, members cannot expect the guild to defend or retaliate for attacks on them while they are showing wings.

The guild does place perceptors, and does defend them rigorously when they are attacked - even if we think we will lose. We consider perceptor defence a great way to learn about group player vs player combat, with very little consequences for losing.

We consider attacking perceptors just another part of the game, and guild members will occasionally do so. We do expect guild members to behave fairly when interacting with others, not pick on particular guilds, and help maintain our neutral stance.

Power Nubs

We have a second guild, Power Nubs, which is for our alt characters. We don't generally invite someone to join Power Nubs unless their main character is in Power.

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