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Welcome - Power is a guild on the Rushu server of Dofus. We're a largely neutral guild whose interests largely lie in doing things together and having fun.

Power's main objective is to have fun. We're friendly, chatty people who enjoy having a laugh, and doing things together. Members tend to assist each other with hunts, quests, dungeon runs, professions, and levelling. The guild channel is usually friendly and chatty.

We have members from all across Europe - from Estonia to Scotland, and some in North America and elsewhere. We're quite diverse people, with (we think) a wide mix of different ages in the guild. Our guild leader is over level 100, and most members are over level 70. Many people in the guild also have high levelled professions, there is usually someone in the guild who can help you if you need something made.

About this website

This website lets you know a bit about our guild. Most of it is public, private information for guild members only is usually on the forums.

This website runs on a collaborative platform called TWiki, so that guild members can freely edit it. It's a shared space for the guild to exchange whatever information they wish to.

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